ViralataFunk Camarote Bonde




Bored Apes? Crypto Punks? Come on, man. Stop eating another playboy's thrash. Neymar should carry a truly Brazilian symbol in his portfolio - and we might just be the ones to allow him to do that.


Being an obedient Yorkshire or a labeled Shiba Inu is of no use: bitches really love a flea-ridden fancy designer mutt.

There is no escaping it. You have to show off, have a special shape, an exclusive outfit, and a gourmet treat.


Do you wanna know something? But I think it's too heavy to talk about...

I have a ViralataFunk with the nude shape.

Naked indeed, with an Argentinian caressing device in his paw, an agroboy hat and the very famous ET Bilu face 😏

Where? Well, not in the bathroom like in the video (please do watch the original video with english subtitles or you won't really get what this project is about).

It's on the blockchain.



You have to use the best NFTs from the best brands in your profile: ViralataFunks, Bored Apes, and Crypto Punks.

You have to have a project - a POWERFUL project. And Viralata Finance is a myth, right!? It is everybody's dream - anywhere in the world. It is a business that attracts attention, something that every day trader loves. We do plan on integrating into ViralataChain and being accepted into their ecosystem if the community agrees to it, but we do feel like we need to stand on our own too 👑

When someone printscreens a JPEG, he is just a guy. Now, if he owns a ViralataFunk, he inevitably ends up in the spotlight. That's because ViralataFunks are all about status - and everyone just wants it so much. And the bill? You already know, right. Hint: it's not for the lower classes at all 😏

It's gonna cost around 0,075 ETH to mint on the launch date up to infinity if you buy on OpenSea later on. Hopefully you don't miss it!

In the NFT world, there's always someone asking us to launch the project in a poor man's blockchain, right? Although we do sometimes have to hear them, we decided to choose the Ethereum network not only because it's the most secure blockchain, but also because all of the "true value" projects are in there. You just won't find all of the glamour and luxury on the BSC or on the Polygon network.

This is the first decentralized Brazilian carnival block in history, after all. There will be only 10.000 kings of the box.

We recommend using Binance to buy ETH and MetaMask wallet or Trust Wallet on your phone. Do not forget to consider the $10 to $100 gas fees depending on the Ethereum network usage at the time of the mint.

Unfortunately people end up, who knows why, maybe because of envy or some foolishness, trying to steal stuff from you, so we advise you to use these wallets and only interact with the contract from this website, from our official groups and from our developers.

I'll be very honest about the issue of Brazilian NFTs released so far: I do like being able to choose the pre-minted NFTs, but the fact that ViralataFunks are minted by a random algorithm is a matter of status, too, you know?

There is a whole preparation when you create a ViralataFunk. What will happen: a whole community comes to try to buy just the 10,000 NFTs, and if you mess up, they might just have to buy them on OpenSea when it all comes down. But then they won't have the chance to randomly mint a rare one.

Look at the value of ViralataFunk if it reaches X% of the marketcap of other top NFT projects:

BAYC: (X% x 979,821.28 ETH)/10.000 VLFCBs = R$ 12944,00

- 1% = R$ 12944,00

- 10% = R$ 129.440,00

- 100% = R$ 1.294.400,00

CryptoPunks: (X% x 800,000 ETH)/10.000 VLFCBs = R$ 10569,00

- 1% = R$ 10.569,00

- 10% = R$ 105.690,00

- 100% = R$ 1.056.900,00

Cool Cats: (X% x 85,000 ETH)/10.000 VLFCBs = R$ 1125,56

- 1% = R$ 1.125,00

- 10% = R$ 11.250,00

- 100% = R$ 112.500,00

Another important thing is that you have well-known devs, media people, celebrities in your VIP box area.

This certainly adds up to everything. It adds to the infinite marketcap, it adds to the first decentralized carnival block in history, to having the super rare cesium-137 viralata, to the limited number of 10,000 NFTs... it adds to everything, right?

In the VIP box you have to have the degenerate apes, who go all in leveraged on the sale of Mom's refrigerator in any new asset that manages to move a little bit.

It makes no sense to have the whole project developed and not have the apes risking the welfare of his family, his wife, his children... the holders of GME, AMC and those who live off of soccer bets. It is like you have a well diversified DeFi portfolio and putting Bernie Madoff to manage it.

What I really like to buy are the safest and most conservative assets possible: gambling, cockfighting, and the King of Bitcoin's pyramid scheme leveraged on the loan shark.

Mas um ViralataFunk é muito mais: tem todo um valor artístico, um glamour por ser colecionável e limitado, servindo como ingresso para eventos VIPs e oportunidades exclusivas - o NFT é só uma evolução disso tudo. É a magnum opus do toptrader.

Whoever is on the bandwagon has to have a ViralataFunk on twitter.

If you don't have a ViralataFunk, it's just not cool. You gotta have it, you need to promote it, show it in your photos, in your videos, on r/wallstreetbets and to degens on biz.

You just gotta boast to the commoners para os plebeus, because above all, having a Viralata is a proof of IQ (not necessarily high - just a proof of IQ).