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What is a

ViralataFunks are the Brazilian dogs that inhabit the universe of REAU - the meme cryptocurrency of the caramel stray dog. They can be rare, funny, and sometimes, extremely showy.

ViralataFunks of different styles from the Brazilian memetic repertoire may exist; from wood's Havaianas (Havaiana de Pau) to the Bitcoin Pharaoh.

There's no way to know if they're going to show up again to cause envy among the Faria Lima crowd. So this is your chance to capture yours.


Bored Apes? Crypto Punks? That's playboy stuff. Neymar needs to carry a truly Brazilian symbol in his portfolio (and not the leftovers from the gringos).


They don't care if you are an obedient Yorkshire or a castrated Shiba Inu.

There's no escape. You need to enter the VIP LOUNGE! With a rare shape, an exclusive suit and a gourmet snack. The street caramel dog has golden fleas.


You know something, but I think I can't say it... Can I say it?

I have a ViralataFunk with the shape of nudes.

Completely naked, with an Argentinian caressing paw, the style of an agroboy and the face of the ET Bilu 😏

Where? On the blockchain itself.



Click on the commandments to expand 👇👇

You have to use the best PFPs from the top brands: ViralataFunks and Crypto Punks.

You need to become part of a project, a potent project. And REAU (Viralata Finance) is a legend, right?! It's everyone's dream – anywhere in the world. It's something that catches the eye, something every day trader likes.

When a person takes a screenshot of the JPEG, they're just another one. Now, when they buy a ViralataFunk, they end up becoming the ONEs. That's because the ViralataFunk is a matter of status, it's something everyone wants... Heheh.

It can range from ZERO (when it was distributed for free to the early adopters of the community) to infinity: 50, 60, 70 ETH if you wait and try to buy on OpenSea later.

In the world of NFTs, there are always one or two people who ask us to launch on a cheaper blockchain, right? But we chose the Ethereum network, as it is secure and all the "valuable" projects are there. This kind of things you don't have on the BSC or Polygon network, right? They don't have all this luxury, this glamour.

This is the first brazilian decentralized carnival block in history, after all. There can only be 10,000 VIP kings.

We recommend using the Binance broker to buy ETH and then send it to the MetaMask wallet or Trust Wallet on your mobile even because of your physical integrity. Remember to consider that transaction fees can range from $10 to $100 depending on the congestion of the Ethereum network at the time of minting. A golden tip here (if you live in Brazil) is to mint late at night or very early in the morning.

Unfortunately, people sometimes, even out of foolishness, get a little envious, so we advise using these wallets and only interact with the contract of this website, from our official groups and from our developers. You can't offer it to just anyone at the party. This is not an American Express card.

I'm going to be very honest about the question of Brazilian NFTs launched so far: I really like being able to choose the pre-minted NFTs that I'm going to buy, but the fact that ViralataFunks are minted by a random algorithm is a matter of status, got it?

There's a whole preparation when you mint a ViralataFunk. What happens: a whole community tries to buy only the 10,000 NFTs and if you are not careful, you end up without... Which is something that draws attention in the Blockchain and in Telegram and Discord groups, right, especially because you have a chance to mint a super rare NFT and multiply your investment several times if you're lucky.

Look at the value of ViralataFunk if it reaches X% of the marketcap of other top NFT projects:

BAYC: (X% x 979,821.28 ETH)/10.000 VLFCBs = $2588.80

- 1% = $2588.80

- 10% = $25888.00

- 100% = $258880.00

CryptoPunks: (X% x 800,000 ETH)/10.000 VLFCBs = $2113.80

- 1% = $2113.80

- 10% = $21138.00

- 100% = $211380.00

Cool Cats: (X% x 85,000 ETH)/10.000 VLFCBs = $225.11

- 1% = $225.11

- 10% = $2251.12

- 100% = $22511.20

Another important thing is having well-known devs, media personalities, celebrities in your booth.

This surely adds to everything. It adds to the infinite marketcap, it adds to the first decentralized carnival block in history, to having the super rare Cesium-137 mutt, to the limited number of 10,000 NFTs... it adds to everything, right?

The VIP booth must have the top traders, who go all in leveraged on the sale of mom's fridge on any new moving asset.

It makes no sense to have the whole project developed and not have the top trader risking the well-being of your family, your wife, your children... the holders of OIBR3, IRBR3, forex traders and those who live off football betting. It's like having a well-diversified DeFi portfolio and putting Felipe Neto to manage it.

What I like to buy are the safest and most conservative assets possible: animal game betting, cockfighting, and pyramid schemes from the Bitcoin King leveraged on loan sharks.

But a ViralataFunk is much more: it has an entire artistic value, a glamour for being collectible and limited, serving as a ticket to VIP events and exclusive opportunities - the NFT is just an evolution of all this. It is the magnum opus of the top trader.

Anyone on the train must have a ViralataFunk on Twitter.

If you don't have a ViralataFunk, it's not cool. You have to have one, you have to promote it, show it in your photos, in your videos, on r/farialimabets, on the Viralata Finance telegram.

Show off to the plebeians, because, above all, having a Viralata is a proof of IQ (not necessarily high - just a proof of IQ).